Saturday, 5 August 2017

Socket adaptor...

Having been 'out of the loop' recently, one very useful addition to the Meccano tool armoury was completely overlooked by me. It first appeared in the radio control set depicting the Lamborghini Huracan. It has now surfaced in one of the latest radio control sets to land on my desk.

It is a small plastic 'fitting' that if you are not careful, could be easily overlooked. It is in fact a socket designed to fit the standard Locking Nuts that we are all familiar with. On the Lamborghini Huracan, the wheels are bolted on to the axles, and the wheels have deep recesses in which the nuts have to be fitted. Without this adaptor, this would not be possible using only Meccano tools.

The neat little adaptor fits onto the end of a Hex Driver to enable the nut to be placed and tightened. Having not actually built this set as we had seen it built at the Toy Fair at the beginning of 2016, I had not realised there was a need for the tool or that it even existed. It was not until I was looking at the very latest RC offering, the Speedster,  I realised it even existed. I will be looking at these new generation of RC cars over the next few days and I will feature them in a review here next week. For today I just wanted to highlight this very useful little socket.

The socket fitted to a Hex Driver
It is intended for use with the Meccano locking nuts which do seem to be very slightly larger than a standard nut. This means that the standard nut is not as 'snug' as it might be but it will stay in the socket most of the time. If I was planning to use it with any amount of standard nuts, I would place a small ball of Blu-Tak in socket, just to aid the grip when working against gravity, saving large amounts of tooth enamel.

I have a feeling this little thing will be very useful
This socket has been around since the introduction of the RC Huracan, but with a hefty price tag I doubt many enthusiasts raced out to buy one. The new Speedster is much cheaper and may well sell in greater numbers, making this little tool only slightly more accessible. Don't forget look out for the review of the two RC cars, mentioned here, next week!


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  1. The set is now available for around £30 at Argos's Ebay shop.